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Basic Firearms proficiency- $100

This course is for the basic shooter. It will cover all major aspects of basic marksmanship fundamentals. All day class on range. Please plan accordingly.



Intermediate Firearms proficiency- $125

This course is for the shooter who already has a good grasp on the basics. We will cover advanced shooting techniques and principles as well as other training geared towards increasing your firearms prowess. All day class on range. Please plan accrdingly. 


Unarmed Security Officer- $50

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get certified as an Unarmed Security Officer. This class is a 1-day classroom session approximately 4-6 hours. 


Armed Security officer- $150

This Course includes the Unarmed Security Officer class above & will include time spent in the classroom & the range. OC spray certification is included. 2 days in classroom, 1 day range. Includes State of Colorado Firearms qualification certification required for Armed Officers.


Personal Coaching- $15 per Hr.

This affords you the personal time and attention to refine your skills on the firing line to become the best possible shooter you can be. We will work on what you need so you can reach and surpass your personal goals. There is a 2 Hour minimum.



We also offer the following individual classes:


  • OC Spray Certification - $30 *This is a contact Course*

  • Handcuffing Certification - $30

  • Defensive Tactics & Weapons Retention Certification - $30 and up

  • Ladies only classes - 25% off any package with 3 or more women

  • Couple classes - $20 off Basic, Intermediate Firearms proficiency & CCW for couples

  • Loyalty discounts for clients wishing to continue training with us

  • Personalized training packages for personal, small and large businesses


Give us a call or text and let us put a package together for you.


CCW - $60

This class will cover all the basics and then go well beyond your expectations. You'll leave with a wealth of knowledge that you can trust. We will touch on tactical training for everyday life & situations. Range time is included and vital for connecting classroom instruction. Range fees and ammunition are the responsibility of the client. Classroom will be 6-8 hours. Range day will be all day outside. We train in all weather conditions. Please plan ahead.