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Concealed Carry 'CCW' - $70.00

This course covers all training required by the State of Colorado to obtain a CHP (Colorado Handgun Permit). This class will cover more than your average CCW class.

Firearms Proficiency (Basic) - $150.00

This 2 day course covering basic knowledge and training. At the end of this course, you will be able to show proficiency in all major aspects of  basic firearms  training. This class meets Colorado requirements for Concealed Carry.

Firearms Proficiency (Int.) - $150.00

This course is designed for individuals who desire a higher level of proficiency than is taught in the basic course. The Basic course is a prerequisiste for entry into this course.*Exceptions exist...Please contact the Instructor for details.


Security Officer Training - $50.00

This course covers the role and duties of a Security Officer, to include professional conduct and ethics, Federal, State and Local laws, codes and ordinances, the force continuum, legal limitations and liablilty, interaction with law enforcement, emergency response, first aid and much more.


Personal Coaching - $20.00/hr

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*Couples Discount -  Bring your spouse and pay a total of only $225.00 for both. A $75 Savings

*Ladies, bring 2 or more lady friends and receive your training for only $95.00 each. A $55 Savings

*Basic and Intermediate Firearms Proficiency Courses

This is designed for the beginner and novice shooter who want to become more efficient, and become more accurate as a shooter.

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Defense Tactics - $50.00

This class is designed for civillians that want to learn how to escape and evade from an attack. All are welcome to enroll in this class. This class will also be included as an add on class to the Security Officer class to fulfill part of the Armed Secrurity requirement.


Oleoresin Capsicum "OC Spray" - $35.00

This class will allow you to be a certifed user and carrier of OC spray. This is a contact class. You will be required to have an OC contact, unless proof of previous exposure can be proven. Required for Armed Security that carries OC.